Antitrust: Principles, Cases, and Materials (2d Edition) is a free antitrust law textbook designed for a three-credit or four-credit antitrust course (we teach the four-credit course at NYU School of Law). Model syllabi for four-credit and three-credit courses are available in the Faculty Area section of this website. All faculty teaching antitrust law are welcome to access the Faculty Resources, including the faculty discussion forum, by becoming a registered user of the site. To register, write us at daniel.francis@law.nyu.edu or christopher.sprigman@nyu.edu.

The textbook is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Under the terms of this license, you are free to copy and redistribute the textbook in part or whole in any format provided that (1) you do so only for non-commercial purposes, (2) you comply with the attribution principles of the license (credit the authors, and link to the license), and (3) if you make changes to the materials, you share those changes with the public on the same terms with which they have been shared with you.

Antitrust: Cases, Principles, Materials has been or is being used in whole or part at the following institutions:

Arizona State University, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law / Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University / DePaul University College of Law / Fordham University School of Law / Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business / Gonzaga University School of Law / Insper, São Paulo / Universidad Instituto de Empresa, Madrid / Indiana University Maurer School of Law / Loyola Marymount School of Law / Loyola University Chicago School of Law / Nebraska College of Law / New England School of Law / New York University School of Law / Oklahoma City University School of Law / University of Akron School of Law / University of California Berkeley School of Law / University of California Law, San Francisco / University of Colorado, Boulder School of Law / University of Florida Levin College of Law / University of Maryland Law / University of Maryland (undergraduate economics) / University of Michigan Law School / University of Virginia School of Law / University of Washington School of Law / University of Wisconsin Law School

Praise for the book

"This is a wonderful book by brilliant authors and a concept whose time has come. Students deserve free access." Eleanor Fox, Walter J Derenberg Professor of Trade Regulation Emerita, NYU School of Law

"A remarkable achievement and a breath of fresh air. Up-to-the-minute coverage of a fast-changing landscape and a stimulating and innovative blending of cases and scholarship." Stephen Calkins, Professor of Law, Wayne State University School of Law

"There are many terrific books from which to teach antitrust. So why is this book the best teaching tool? It incorporates the very latest developments in enforcement activity and judicial decisions—and will always be ahead of its rivals because of its online nature. My students loved the book. Its tone is refreshing—it’s written to appeal to students and instructors. It doesn’t play hide-the-peanut. Case excerpts are accompanied by explanations of why the case matters and how it matters. And the book is free to students. And easy for instructors to adopt. What’s not to like?" Douglas Ross, Professor from Practice, University of Washington School of Law

"This new antitrust casebook by Daniel Francis and Chris Sprigman is an exciting new entrant into the market. The casebook is modern, rigorous, and complete – and free to students to download. The materials have been well-chosen for students to understand and deeply analyze the issues during this period of great criticism from outsiders and rethinking by insiders. Needless to say, I am happy that the authors chose to include some of my own writings." Steven C. Salop, Professor Emeritus of Economics and Law, Georgetown University Law Center