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This page collects some links to antitrust resources from across the web. If you would like to recommend new links or resources for inclusion (including your own) drop us a line!

Prof. Salop's Teaching Slides

We are honored to host the teaching slides of Professor Steven Salop, Professor Emeritus of Economics and Law, Georgetown University Law Center, who has generously made them available as a resource to students and teachers alike. (Note: the teaching slides for Antitrust: Principles, Cases, and Materials can be found on the "Materials for Teachers" tab.)

Selected Enforcement Documents

2023 Merger Guidelines

Competitor Collaboration Guidelines

IP Guidelines

DRAFT 2023 Merger Guidelines (withdrawn)

2020 Vertical Merger Guidelines (withdrawn)

2010 Horizontal Merger Guidelines (withdrawn)

1997 Merger Guidelines (withdrawn)

1992 Merger Guidelines (withdrawn)

1984 Merger Guidelines (withdrawn)

1982 Merger Guidelines (withdrawn)

1968 Merger Guidelines (withdrawn)


U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division

Federal Trade Commission

New York Office of the Attorney General Economic Justice Division

Texas Office of the Attorney General Antitrust Division

California Office of the Attorney General Antitrust Law Section

Australia - Australia Competition and Consumer Commission

Brazil - Administrative Council for Economic Defense

European Union - European Commission DG COMP

India - Competition Commission of India

Japan - Japan Fair Trade Commission

Korea - Korea Fair Trade Commission

United Kingdom - Competition and Markets Authority

ABA Antitrust Section

ABA Antitrust Section

Antitrust Law Journal

Antitrust Magazine

Antitrust News

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Law360 Competition

Global Competition Review


Competition Policy International

Antitrust and Competition Advocacy

Alliance on Antitrust

American Antitrust Institute

American Economic Liberties Project

Global Antitrust Institute at George Mason University

Open Markets Institute

Academic and Other Websites

Antitrust: Competition Policy and Trustbusting (Barak Orbach)

Applied Antitrust (Dale Collins)

Antitrust Revival Reading List (Tim Wu)

Truth on the Market (GMU)

ProMarket (Chicago Stigler)